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NORD welcomes you to join us at the 2021 GEAPS Exchange!


NORD Drivesystems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes constant speed reducers, electric motors, industrial gear units, motor starters and AC Vector drives for decentralized control. NORD Drivesystems specializes solutions for the Grain Industry.


 Press Releases

  • NORD provides the grain industry with safe, reliable, and efficient drive systems solutions that are built for performance and meet the requirements of grain production processes.

    WAUNAKEE, Wis. (July 15­­, 2021) – NORD offers flexible drive solutions for the grain industry, including bucket elevators, screw, drag, and belt conveyors. These solutions are engineered to provide high load capacities with high output torques, quiet operation, and a long service life. NORD’s modular design also makes these products versatile and highly configurable, meeting your exact requirements to achieve optimal system efficiency. Learn about all of NORD’s grain industry solutions first-hand from our experts at GEAPS Exchange 2021 in Columbus, Ohio from August 6th – 9th at Booth 1309. As the annual conference of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS), the Exchange is the premier event for grain handling and processing and allows an opportunity to learn from and network with other industry professionals.

    NORD will be showcasing these specialized products at this year’s show:

    1. – MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units are used wherever high torques are required. These units have high power density and torque, rugged UNICASE™ housings, and offer high axial and radial load capacities. This makes MAXXDRIVE® the ideal solution for the grain industry as it can easily withstand the harsh conditions of conveyor belt use. MAXXDRIVE® units are also built for long service life, offer several mounting positions, and cater to the needs of various installation requirements. With their high performance and flexibility, they are perfect for use in heavy duty applications, such as bucket elevators, agitators, conveyor belt drives, mixers, mills, drums, or crushers.

    Also available with our MAXXDRIVE® units is the Grain Endurance Package. This package combines several additional protective measures that further ensure long life for the units. Features include a drying agent filter, oil inspection glass, oil sample point, quick fit filter trolley connection, and oil drain cock.

    Key Advantages:

    • High output torque up to 2,495,900 lb-in
    • 11 case sizes
    • Available as parallel shaft, helical bevel, or right-angle units
    • All bearings and sealing surfaces are machined in single process; no separating joints in housing
    • Reduced spare parts costs and downtime

    Screw Conveyor Package – The NORD Screw Conveyor Package (SCP) is designed with the grain industry in mind and offers a compact, cost-effective alternative to traditional screw conveyor drives. Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, or guards. This minimizes parts inventory and eliminates belted input systems for easier system maintenance, increased reliability, and superior drive performance.

    Key Advantages:

    • Long service life and low maintenance
    • Parallel and right-angle gear units
    • No belts or external rotating components
    • High efficiency

    Electric Motors – NORD electric motors are highly efficient, extremely robust, and can be combined with gear units to provide maximum application flexibility and performance. These motors operate reliably over many years with very high efficiency of up to 95%, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. NORD produces all motors in-house according to stringent standards and can quickly deliver them worldwide.

    In certain applications, standard motors cannot be used because the ambient conditions are too harsh, extremely heavy loads must be moved, or there is an explosion hazard. For these cases, NORD also provides explosion protected motors with a power range from 0.16 to 40 HP. These explosion-protected versions are available as options for use in dust and gas atmospheres and are certified according to ATEX, IECEx, and HazLoc.

    Key Advantages:

    • High power with lower energy consumption
    • Asynchronous, synchronous, and explosion-proof motors available (dust/gas)
    • Identical motor dimensions allow for change from one efficiency class to the next without having to make mechanical modifications

    To learn more about these products and other drive solutions that will be featured at the GEAPS Exchange, visit
  • NORD’s Condition Monitoring solution utilizes the internal PLC within their variable frequency drives to integrate drive-related actuators and sensors into a system, detecting undesired operating conditions at an early stage to avoid critical system problems and costly downtime.

    WAUNAKEE, Wis. (June 1st, 2021) – For condition monitoring, drive and status data are recorded periodically or continuously to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of machines and plants. Condition monitoring provides valuable information for predictive maintenance with the goals to address service issues proactively, reduce downtime, and increase overall plant efficiency. Data from digital and analog sensors play a central role in condition monitoring, replacing time-based maintenance with status-based maintenance, and NORD’s integrated PLC allows for easy integration with both decentralized and control cabinet solutions.

    NORD’s condition monitoring system can be programmed to record drive and status data periodically or continuously via the internal PLC within the variable frequency drive. This fully integrated PLC is able to capture and pre-process specific parameters and drive-related sensors without the need for an external controller. The results are then provided via the PLC output parameters and can be sent and saved to a local dashboard via Industrial Ethernet (e.g. PROFINET IO) for visualization.

    In addition to built-in measuring capability, each NORD drive unit can also evaluate external sensors including those for temperature and system vibration. Processing of these measurements and preparation of output signals is carried out dynamically and individually in each variable frequency drive with the aid of the PLC. An interface for digital and analog sensors, including virtual sensors, enable the PLC to calculate information such as the optimal oil change time. Because oil temperature is a key factor for oil aging, the PLC can calculate the best time to change the oil based on its temperature over time. In this example, hardware temperature sensors are no longer needed because the virtual sensors can effectively calculate the current oil temperature by way of drive-specific parameters.

    All output signals from the variable frequency drive’s data processing are also provided for further processing via the bus interface and are read out via the dashboard. This dashboard is the data storage unit for all captured operating drive values. It is presented from a database in a local industrial PC that can give general information about the motor, gear unit, and variable frequency drive. Due to the detailed visualization of each drive, it also doubles as an interactive interface for the operator, who can easily access each drive individually to see its real-time updates and history. The dashboard also allows definition of value thresholds for specified factors that will trigger an alarm if the thresholds are exceeded. Additionally, each drive can signal its own status with an external beacon signal column that lights up green for no warnings, yellow when the warning threshold is exceeded, and red when the error threshold is exceeded. These alarms can also be set to trigger when there is real-time malfunction or change in the system for active monitoring that ensures all systems are functioning properly.

    NORD provides a free companion mobile application that is available for iOS and Android devices, the NORDCON APP. This app can be used to display the dashboard for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis and allows access to any drive parameters, along with help functions that provide information about the individual parameter being accessed. An oscilloscope function is also included that can trace up to four different variables, making it a helpful tool for commissioning or troubleshooting the system. If any issues arise, a support ticket can be generated directly from the app and will email specific parameter settings directly to a NORD application engineer for review. 

    NORD also provides NORD CON, a free desktop software suite available for download directly from the website. Available for any Windows-based operating systems, NORD CON provides a user-friendly parameterization and programming interface, including an internal PLC editor that can be programmed with either structured text or an instruction list - the same program used for NORD’s Condition Monitoring system. Additionally, if the NORD CON software is connected to the same Ethernet network as the variable frequency devices, it is possible to tunnel through the Ethernet system and access every variable frequency device in a specific address range.

    There are many benefits to adding NORD’s Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance to an existing system or planning for its integration into new installations. Greater operational efficiency, as well as time and cost savings can be gained from this system to positively affect the Total Cost of Ownership and a company’s bottom line. Condition-based maintenance can also significantly extend the life of components and machinery by preventing conditions that would cause additional damage to the system if not addressed immediately and planned machine or system maintenance prevents downtime and increase system availability.

  • Rugged, reliable, and thermally optimized, NORD’s industrial gear units are ready to take on the most demanding industrial drive technology requirements.

    WAUNAKEE, Wis. (May 18, 2021) – The MAXXDRIVE® portfolio from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers parallel and right-angle industrial gear units with high output torques from 132,800 – 2,301,200 lb-in, ratios from 5.54 – 30,000:1, and 2.5 – 8,075 HP across 11 sizes. In addition to this proven standard series, NORD also offers the new MAXXDRIVE XT series; right-angle gear units with thermally-optimized housings, output torques from 132,800 – 663,800 lb-in, ratios from 6.14 – 22,91:1, and 30 – 2,825 HP across 7 sizes. With a comprehensive selection of accessories and options, MAXXDRIVE’s modular system allows NORD to perfectly match drive systems to heavy-duty applications such as conveyors, mixers, agitators, or anywhere low speed with high power is needed.

    MAXXDRIVE and MAXXDRIVE XT are designed and rated to international standards. Their UNICASE housings optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, reduce leak paths, have higher stiffness, and allow for multiple mounting surfaces. The one-piece housing also ensures that no sealing surfaces are subject to torque. MAXXDRIVE units are constructed with high-grade components including case-hardened and hard-finished gearing, C4, 42 CrMo4, or 18 CrNiMo7-6 steels, and an exclusive roller bearing system for quiet operation and longer service life. They also have high-precision axis alignment, resulting in smoother operation and reduced maintenance over time. Additionally, all bearing and sealing surfaces are machined in a single process, further promoting low noise and longevity.

    Because MAXXDRIVE gear units are engineered based on a modular concept, they allow for a wide range of configuration and mounting options from NORD’s standard offering yet can be easily adapted for custom drive applications. For example, the combination of a NORD motor, gear unit, coupling, and braking system results in a complete, precisely-configured unit that can be supplied ready-to-install and pre-mounted on a motor swing base or other base frame. Alternatively, a motor can be attached via industry standard NEMA or IEC adapters. Various flange and output shaft options ensure the customer's application is ideally matched and configurations are always based on the existing operating data of the application and on the ambient conditions at the installation site, giving customers maximum individualization, and creating reliable, versatile drive systems that meet their highest demands.

    Highly-Configurable for a Variety of Demanding Applications

    One of the most common applications for MAXXDRIVE is for heavy-duty belt conveyor drives consisting of an electric motor, a coupling solution, and an industrial gear unit with axial fan. The primary focus is to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, allowing worry-free operation even in extreme environments. The standard portfolio excels in this area; however, the new MAXXDRIVE XT industrial gear units take this concept even further with their thermally optimized housings.

    Other typical applications for these powerful drive units include mixing and agitation processes. By equipping the torque-dense MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit with reinforced bearing and flange versions (VL2/KL2 - VL6/KL6), the drive can be adjusted to maximize efficiency with varying load size. Seal-less NEMA/IEC adapters (SAFOMI) and TRUE DRYWELL sealing at the output shaft allow for highest possible operational reliability. The entire drive system – from NORD electric motors to flange connections – is delivered as a ready-to-install unit, which can easily be mounted vertically on the application.

    Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

    NORD offers innovative, networked predictive maintenance concepts specifically designed for MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units, and can be realized with incorporation of a NORD variable frequency drive into the system. The status data available in the VFD can be communicated to a higher-level control or directly to a safe cloud. The VFD can also directly record external sensor data for vibration monitoring or for measuring the gear unit’s oil sump temperature. Changes to the system condition can be detected at an early stage (condition monitoring) and maintenance can be scheduled proactively to reduce unplanned downtime.

    For more information about NORD’s MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units, visit, call 888-314-6673, or e-mail


  • MAXXDRIVE Industrial Gear Units
    The solution for high-demand heavy duty applications....

  • MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units provide high output torques from 132,800 lb-in to 2,495,900 lb-in and provide up to 8,075 HP. Making them perfect for use in heavy duty applications, such as bucket elevators, agitators, conveyor belt drives, mixers, mills, drums, or crushers.

    Available in 11 sizes, MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units are equipped with high quality, low friction bearings and a torsionally rigid one-piece UNICASE™ housing to ensure excellent load capacity, long service life, and quiet operation. Extensive input options and mounting designs ensure optimal application versatility. MAXXDRIVE also have the option of adding a grain endurance package which features a combination of several protective measures that ensure a long operation life for the unit.


    • Available in parallel shaft and right-angle
    • Gear ratio range 5:54 to 400:1 with the same foot dimensions
    • All bearings and sealing surfaces machined in single process; no separating joints in housing
  • 90.1 Helical Bevel Gear Units
    Highly efficient, versatile, and ready to power countless high-demand applications....

  • The 90.1 Helical Bevel gearboxes feature cast iron UNICASE™ housing, infinite life gearing, high axial and radial load capacity, minimum backlash, and efficient performance. Available in 11 sizes with a torque range of up to 442,5000 lb-in, these efficient, versatile units are adaptable to countless applications. Heavy duty bearing and spread bearing/flange mount designs provide increased load capacity and extended service life.


    • Foot, flange, or shaft mounted
    • Hollow or solid shaft, keyless bore options
    • Keyless shaft designs with Shrink Disc and GRIPMAXX™
    • Long service life, low maintenance
    • Various bearing designs for high axial and radial load capacities
  • MAXXDRIVE XT Industrial Gear Units
    IGU with maximum thermal ratings for high speed applications....

  • The MAXXDRIVE XT right-angle industrial gear unit is available in seven sizes with a torque range of 132,800 to 663,800 lb-in and offers the grain industry a symmetrical designed gearbox for mirror image installations, which drastically reduces spare parts costs and downtime.

    The optimized housing geometry achieves maximum thermal ratings and effective fan cooling through an enhanced fan design and air flow. Like all NORD industrial gear units, all bearing and sealing surfaces in the MAXXDRIVE XT are machined in a single process; promoting quiet operation and long service life.


    • Developed for maximum thermal power
    • No external cooling required
    • Universal, symmetrical housing
    • Easily accessible backstop
    • All bearings and sealing surfaces machined in single process; no separating joints in housing
  • Electric Motors
    Efficient, configurable motors with options to precisely meet your requirements....

  • NORD’s line of synchronous and asynchronous motors conform to international energy guidelines and certifications – from standard IE1 up to the ultra-premium efficient IE5+. They are designed to perform efficiently and safely in harsh conditions, where extremely heavy loads have to be moved, or where there is a dust or gas explosion hazard.

    Electric motors from NORD are manufactured in-house for supply to all major markets throughout the world. This ensures a high level of independence from external suppliers and provides our customers with the decisive advantage of short, dependable lead times.

    NORD motors are also highly customizable. Available options include, but are not limited to:

    • Brakes
    • Encoders
    • Environmental protection features
    • External cooling fans
    • Thermal protection
    • Connectivity solutions
  • Screw Conveyor Package - Right Angle
    Compact, cost effective right-angle design for screw conveyor applications....

  • Available in 10 sizes, the NORD Screw Conveyor Package with a helical-bevel design offers a cost-effective drive solution in a powerful, compact footprint. Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, or guards. Minimizing parts and eliminating the belted input systems provides for easier system maintenance, increased reliability, and superior drive performance.


    • Reduced operation costs
    • Large ratio range
    • Direct drive motor options (Integral or C-face)
    • No belt maintenance or belt guarding required
    • Reduced parts, higher reliability, efficient space saver
    • Gear efficiency up to 97%
    • More direct torque transfer
  • Screw Conveyor Package - CLINCHER™ Parallel Shaft
    Compact, cost effective parallel design for grain applications....

  • NORD's Screw Conveyor Package with a CLINCHER™ parallel shaft gear unit is available in 12 sizes with closely stepped speed reduction ratios. These compact units eliminate the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, or guards and are built for long service life and low maintenance, reducing overall operation costs.


    • Foot, flange, or shaft mounted
    • Direct drive motor options (Integral or C-face)
    • Keyless shaft designs with Shrink Disc and GRIPMAXX™
    • Reduced parts, higher reliability, efficient space saver
    • Gear efficiency up to 97%
    • More direct torque transfer

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